An attempt.

I’ve been pretty inactive in terms of writing these past few years. Frankly, I’m never even satisfied with what I’ve been writing. It’s a constant battle with myself. Sometimes, when I back read some of my works, I ask myself where I got the inspiration to write or how I even know these words and structures.

I’d like to bring that back.

So here I am. It was quite a shock when I logged into WordPress a few days back and I discovered that my account was suspended. Luckily, they emailed me back and it was suspended due to automated spamming flags.

Here is my attempt of getting back in touch with my writing skills.

I just hope I can keep this thing active.

So here’s an edited version of my photo/Gravatar. I’d like to keep this blog positive and completely open, something I don’t normally do these days. 🙂

Rock Salt & Cheese Moustache

Rock Salt & Cheese Moustache


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