Nostalgic for that Summit.

I know I haven’t exactly posted anything on here for what seems like ages and I swore I would come back to blogging and I especially swore that I would blog about the leadership summit I got sent to but with everything that’s been going on, requirements and busy schedules, I’m exhausted most of the time although I have trouble sleeping too. But recently, I find myself being nostalgic for that leadership summit last November 21-22 at the D’Leonor Inland Resort.

I don’t normally reminisce and I’m not even sentimental so this entire thing about missing the summit was quite surprising for me. (And I even found myself missing Ateneo but that’s a different story). It was an overnight activity so I was excused from my midterm exams. I was a bit apprehensive at first because of the exams but damn, I don’t regret a single moment of it. It was amazing because I met great people and took part in the awesome activities and listened to the most inspiring speakers.

The people I met were definitely my kind of people. They were friendly, accommodating and just great all in all!  It’s nice to be surrounded by people who know how to take initiative and act boldly. I really feel like I belong to these kinds of seminars with people who are driven and motivated. I’m happy to be surrounded by people who are up for a challenge and the activities were indeed challenging and I’m so glad that my team chose not to give up and eventually, we overcame all the obstacles. And to think we’ve only just met each other and we were able to work together and unite ourselves to accomplish the tasks. I feel so proud to be given this opportunity. And not only did I meet new people from different schools, I also got to bond with people from my own school and they too were shocked to find out that I’m still 17 and still a freshman at college when most of them were older and graduating already. And the speakers, I must say, were truly inspiring in giving their talks and I love how their theme was mostly centered on environmental, social media and ethical awareness. It definitely helped me open my eyes and change my outlook on certain aspects. Hopefully, this would help me improve my skills as a leader.

I’m quite sad that it only lasted two days and I’m really hoping that I could meet these people again and keep in touch. I really want to see some of them, if not all of them, in the Lead Comm next year! Hope I can see some of them again sometime soon.


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