39 Things That Only People With Glasses Understand

Can’t even begin to explain how relevant this is.

Thought Catalog

1. A rainy day is pretty inconvenient for most people, but a few raindrops can leave you tormented and wishing that your glasses had windshield wipers.

2. Being around the ocean, or in a place with early morning mist, always leaves a fine bit of spittle on your lenses.

3. You have to plan your whole workout around contacts. Running with glasses takes a certain amount of finesse and/or crazy.

4. Yoga is nearly always out of the question.

5. Taking pictures in a proper camera is really difficult because the viewfinder might scratch your lenses.

6. Kissing with glasses on is bound to leave you crunching your glasses against your partner’s and your faces.

7. You have to take your glasses off to take a shower, and they often fog up in the bathroom steam while they wait for you to get so fresh…

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